22 December 2006

Happy Life Day and Wishing You Lots of Haskell in 2007

Let's remember the words of Princess Leia, in the Star Wars Holiday Special:

We celebrate a day of peace. A day of harmony. A day of joy we can all share together joyously. A day that takes us through the darkness. A day that leads us into might. A day that makes us want to celebrate the light. A day that brings the promise that one day, we'll be free to live, to laugh, to dream, to grow, to trust, to love, to be.

Happy Life Day, everyone! Or whatever tradition you celebrate.

I am not planning to work on any more entries until early January, so I just wanted say that I am extremely grateful for all the comments and suggestions I've received on my blog entries. With two babies at home I don't get much time to study textbooks or tutorials, although I try, and I don't get much dedicated coding time. But the suggestions and concrete examples have helped me make good use of what free time I do have. Thanks to all of you for your support learning this exciting language!

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