21 December 2007

Newegg Makes Good

Newegg is refunding me the camera and case and I was able to find the camera elsewhere in time, so it is all working out OK. They have excellent customer service, so I will no doubt be buying from them again in the future.

Today is the shortest day of the year. It takes a lot of caffeine and St. John's Wort to keep me functioning this time of year. I think the barista at the local Caribou Coffee realized I needed a triple espresso and so I got a free upgrade. Either that or she was thinking "you know, we don't see you in here often enough... you're just not quite as addicted as we'd like you to be!"

This year really was a challenge -- illness, death, and mayhem all around us. Let's hope 2008 is better!

1 comment:

phantomdata said...

Good to hear that they're refunding you for the stuff that they missed. Damn shame that they did that, though - giving you a refund was the least that they could do.

Incidentally the lady at the coffee shop on campus gave me the employee rate for my Latte on Wed.. I love when people do little things like giving you a free upgrade to a triple shot or a nice discount.

Good luck going into 2008!