17 November 2008

Reading Real World Haskell

I've sort of let this blog lie fallow while my attention was distracted by having a new baby, playing shiny guitars, twittering, making podcasts and YouTube videos, and other distracting things.

I am excited to see that Real World Haskell has gone to press, and so I am reading the electronic edition while waiting for the print edition to arrive. I had read some of the draft chapters, but it has changed considerably!

For those interested, I recorded audio during the birth of my newest child, Joshua Gregory Potts, born just under three weeks ago. I am turning this into a series of podcasts along with the tweets I sent out during the birth. I won't spam you with a lot of links, but here is a link to The Potts House General Purpose Podcast. Over on Geek Like Me Too you can find baby pictures, some serious and some silly.

I am learning to live with sleep deprivation again! So, these days, Twitter seems like a more appropriate medium for the short attention span which is pretty much all I'm capable of at the moment. If you are so inclined, you can find me on twitter as "paulrpotts."

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