25 January 2006

Thinking about Sudoku and Scheme, Part 1

I've been working on some tools to help me solve Sudoku puzzles in Scheme. That goal is actually secondary to the goal of learning to write better, more idiomatic Scheme programs, and so progress towards the Sudoku solver is frequently interrupted while I backtrack in an attempt to reorganize and optimize the supporting code.

I'm working on this both in a bottom-up and top-down direction. Bottom up, to develop something of a domain-specific Sudoku-solving language. Top down, because my higher-level strategy is also not that clear at the outset and is undergoing stepwise refinement.

My approach to solving Sudoku by computer is not to recursively explore every the tree of moves until a solution is found. That approach is easily doable but less interesting to me than trying to emulate some of the solving strategies that can be performed by a human solver. Ultimately I would like the tool to assist a human solver, not replace her.

My tool of choice is PLT Scheme version 3.00. For reasons to painful to go into just now, I have currently given up on using either SRFIs or SLIB for libraries and am writing everything in plain RSR5 Scheme. More on that later.

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