25 January 2006


This blog, "Curse and Recurse" is a spinoff of my weblogs "Geek Like Me" and "Geek Like Me, Too."



The topic of this blog is pragmatic programming and programming languages. I am interested in clearer and more effective ways to express programs and tools that will get to bug-free code faster, Sapir-Worf be damned. I don't have a Ph.D. and this is not an exposition about theoretical type systems.

The languages I am currently most interested in are Scheme, and Ruby. I have long-term goals to learn idiomatic programming in Common Lisp and to find better approaches to embedded systems programming by using embedded languages such as Lua and Io. This is not currently another Ruby on Rails weblog and I am not doing web development these days, although I have done so in the distant past.

If you are still reading, welcome! Maybe we can both learn something.

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